January 20, 2022

End Of The Year | End Of The Month Evaluation Sheet

Evaluation of our life at the end of each month or year or even at the end of the week is a really effective habit for becoming successful in anything.

This is one of the major actions anyone can use for personal development as well as successfully achieve goals.

Dream Life Makeover Evaluation sheet is extra special. You can use this amazing worksheet to identify how many goals you have achieved, what strengths or skills that you used to achieve them easily.

On the other hand, if you couldn’t achieve some of the goals, this evaluation sheet will help you to identify the obstacles or the reasons that affected you for not achieving your goals.

How to use

List down your goals in the goal field and if you have completed or achieved that goal, tick the box in the achieved field. Then you can list down all the strengths that helped to achieve your goals and all the weaknesses that made it difficult to achieve or slow down the process.

If you couldn’t achieve any goal, leave the achieved field blank and list down the reason for not achieving it.

Use your weakness field to set your focus word for the year or you can set goals to turn your weakness into your strengths based on it.

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