Questionnaire For Goal Setting


Before Executing any goals or plans, you need to have a better understanding of yourself. It can be integral to do a full scan of your thoughts, ambitions, desires, strengths as well as weaknesses.

I have made this amazing digital questioner that you can answer using any device (phone, tab or computer). Or else you can use it as a printable.

There are 30 questions that you need to answer and after answering these questions read them several times until your mind grasp a clear idea of yourself. Use this questionnaire for separate goals/plans.

At the end of this exercise, you will realise how important your goals are and how badly you want to achieve them. On the other hand, you will identify some goals or new year resolutions that you have made just to impress others or just because someone else is doing it. In that case, this questioner can save your precious time of spending on something that doesn’t give any value to your life.


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